Design and Construction

Designed by John Wright of local contractor ‘Odd Jobbers’ to be complementary to the main house originally designed by David Fujiwara, a Toronto based architect.  The octagonal shape reflects the  similarly shaped sun room at the east end of the main house just across the lawn.  It sports a massive octagonal timber frame inside made from local pine.   Fully exposed and very complex roof trusses are highlighted in a whitewash finish and uplighting, a testament to fine design and build capabilities.

No project is without its problems and one that reared up while pouring the large concrete slab was the weather,  Forecasters had called for a cool but otherwise unremarkable day.  The concrete was ordered with plasticisers that would protect it down to -15C but on the day the weather had the last laugh.  After the pour commenced the mercury plummeted to around -25C and snow began to fall  - as you can see in the pictures it ended up being a very nasty winter storm!  Fortunately not too much frost damage was incurred and a skim coat to give a smooth floor was added in the spring.

The roof is made of traditional cedar shakes with no substrate so that one can sometimes see the odd chink of light in dry weather!  A very traditional type of barn construction technique and quite interesting to view from beneath.